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We are looking for a fun bar with a great atmosphere and mediocre food, interested in revamping their menu! An established executive chef, who has been featured on a major cable network, will be visiting bars, revising the menu and upping the game for the entire staff.

America the time has finally come. It is with great pride and excitement that Two River Pictures announces the premiere of our latest production, Good Food America with Chef Nathan Lyon on Saturday July 7th, at 9pm et on Veria Living! After celebrating the nation's birthday with a sneak peek earlier this week, Chef Nathan Lyon gets the fresh food journey underway this weekend with the premiere episode. Watch the Good Food America video for a taste of what is to come when Nathan criss crosses America in search of the tastiest, healthiest eats in the country!

Good Food America is still in production (with the second leg filming in Milwaukee as we type this), but the word is spreading. Those familiar with Nathan's infectious energy and passion for healthy and fresh foods know what to expect and are excited for the summer premiere of the new series. Like the folks over at Chicago 3 Media. Read what Chicago 3 Media had to say about the Healthy Travels of our very own Chef Nathan Lyon.

All of us here at Two River Pictures have been brimming with anticipation, like kids in the back seat on a long road trip, just waiting to share our enthusiasm for a new original series we have been working on. Finally the moment is at hand! Two River Pictures is excited to announce that production has begun on Good Food America with Chef Nathan Lyon for the Veria Living network. Fresh foods expert Chef Nathan Lyon takes you on a culinary adventure in search of the best healthy places to eat across America. The show is coming to Veria Living this summer!

Two River Pictures has been nominated for a 2011 James Beard Foundation Award in the category of Broadcast Media (Television Special/Documentary) for the one hour special The Four Coursemen on Cooking Channel. The team at Two River was ecstatic when we heard the news. After a long and work intensive process you usually know well if you have created something extraordinary and we felt we had done just that. Receiving the nomination alone was a big boost and provided further validation that the sweat equity that went into the production of the show was not lost on others.

Two River is a fan of Steven Cavendish of the Chicago Tribune. This guy knows his TV. Steve recently wrote an article in the stew for the Ten @ 10 series dubbed “Ten Food Television Shows You Should Be Watching”. Imagine our delight when we found the Four Coursemen, a one hour special Two River Pictures produced for Cooking Channel coming in at number three on the list. The only thing more thrilling than seeing our work on that list was reading what he had to say about the show. Below is the excerpt: