Two River Pictures | Nutanix Testimonial
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Nutanix Testimonial - Two River Pictures

Nutanix Testimonial

“I feel that our relationship with Two River Pictures is more than just a client and vendor, I see the team at Two River Pictures as an extended part of my marketing team.”

~ Howard Ting, Chief Marketing Officer, Nutanix


Howard Ting: For us, as a company that’s trying to really articulate a new approach and new architecture into a vast market, we really wanted to use video to help explain what Nutanix is all about.

[00:00:30] Video is the best medium for storytelling. It’s been a huge part of our marketing arsenal, and a big part of the brand development of the company; and the overall awareness is because of the great video assets that we’ve produced.

I feel that our relationship with Two River Pictures is more than just as a client and vendor. I see the team at Two River Pictures as an extended part of my marketing team. They’ve done so many great piece for us.

[00:01:00] They spend enough time with us to understand what’s happening at the company and what the vibe is – and what our culture is. Some of the most memorable video assets that we have have been produced by Two Rivers.

Ben Kenobi: Remember: Jedi can feel the Force flowing through him. Invisible infrastructure can turn any I.T. team into Jedi knights.

Howard Ting: The Two Rivers team has been really good in partnering with us on our storytelling. They’ve certainly taken the time to understand our story. The producers and directors that go on site – to go interview our customers or partners – they do a good job of kind of drawing the story out of the subjects that we’re shooting. And in addition, they apply some emotion to some of the storytelling, which has been fantastic. They’re very flexible and collaborative, and they can work across the full spectrum of different budgets and different styles of video. And, uh, it’s important for us to have one partner that really understands the company story.

[00:02:00] The professionalism and the responsiveness, it’s always been really, really good. So, the partnership has been excellent that we can get some institutional knowledge and just continue to work with them to produce video assets at scale.

What started as just small budget productions in 2012 has transcended into large scale pieces with over 350,000 views across multiple platforms. Throughout the years Two River has created a number of videos; from customer testimonials to motion graphic videos, to large scale user conference videos.

With video dominating the marketing space, Nutanix found this to be the best method to reach customers and audiences to explain what their company is all about. With extensive research and gained knowledge, Two River Pictures was able to take Nutanix’s technology and company culture to create visuals that fully articulate their story. See what Howard Ting, Nutanix’s Chief Marketing Officer, has to say about his collaboration with Two River Pictures in the video above.